Grammy Award-winning Singer Dante Bowe Releases, Then Deletes, Apology for His Behavior After Maverick City Music Paused Relationship With Him

(Screenshot: Dante Bowe/Instagram via

Three days after Maverick City Music (MCM) announced they were “pausing” their professional relationship with Grammy-winning Gospel artist Dante Bowe due to “behaviour” that was “inconsistent with our core values and beliefs” the artist made a public apology.

Bowe initially made his Instagram account private after Maverick’s announcement earlier this week. Several media outlets, including Christian Post, have shared that Bowe made a statement Friday on his Instagram which is once again public. However, the post has since been removed.

The Post quotes Bowe as saying “I sincerely apologize for the impact of my behaviour and that it has offended many people on the platform we share together. This experience has been a very real reminder of the importance of being incredibly intentional with how I utilize and engage with the tools social platforms provide.”

The behaviour in question includes a video Bowe had posted of him and another member of MCM on a party bus dancing and singing along with Bad Bunny song. Julie Roys of the Roys Report says, “Bad Bunny is a popular singer whose lyrics are sexually graphic and violent. The secular performer made headlines a couple months ago for kissing a male dancer during a live MTV Video Music Awards.”

“I have received wise counsel which influenced my decision to take a step back and reflect about my actions so that I may recommit to living in the purpose God has for my life.”

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Source: CHVN Radio