Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, Founder and President of Blackchristiannews.com (BCNN1.com), and Author of Bestselling Books Letters to Young Black Men, Letters to Young Black Women, and When Black Preachers Preach Volumes 1, 2, and 3, and who is already under severe attack from Black Lives Matter supporters, Homosexual supporters, and those who believe in women being over men in the church and in the family, and, yes, some of these enemies are in his own family, lovingly asks Bro. Keith Moore, Beth Moore’s husband, and Dr. Russell Moore a dear friend of Beth Moore to prayerfully consider asking Beth Moore, who he believes is a truly saved woman, to withdraw from this unnecessary  and incendiary conference because it is not going to help her ministry, it is not going to help the black church nor the black community, and neither is it going to help the white church or the white community. He knows this sounds paternalistic; but Whyte says, so be it. Whyte believes it is just going to create more anger and confusion and add another piece of wood to the upcoming civil war fire.

Liberal Bill Maher Says Vice President Kamala Harris, Not President Joe Biden, Should be Ditched to Save the Democrats in 2024. He Further Says the Democratic Party is Now so WOKE it Will Take a “Deaf Eskimo” to Replace Harris. Also, Vice President Kamala Harris is Criticized For Saying, “Communities of Color” Should be First in Line For Relief in Devastating Aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Spokesman For Governor Ron DeSantis Says “This is false” and That Assistance is Available to all Floridians.

TRAGIC and SAD–A HEAVEN TO HELL STORY: Alex Malarkey of “THE BOY WHO CAME BACK FROM HEAVEN” Book Fame and Infamy and Mother, Beth Malarkey, Face Eviction From House Today, October 1st, After Husband, Kevin Malarkey, Evicts. Though the story doesn’t get into it, for background sake, after Alex was paralyzed from a car accident, his father (The one evicting them in the story) wrote a popular book about it called THE BOY WHO CAME BACK FROM HEAVEN. It was all made up, and Alex and his mom, Beth, recanted and retracted it.

Some Believe Maverick City Music Singer DANTE BOWE Gave a NON-APOLOGY “APOLOGY” of the “I Am Sorry You Were Offended” Variety. Maverick City Did the Right Thing by Breaking Fellowship With Dante Bowe, Which is Rare For a Christian Music Group to do. This Breaking of Fellowship With One of Their Singers Sets Them Apart From Many Other Christian Gospel Groups and Ensures Their Longivity With God’s Anointing and Blessing. To Show Christian Love, They Ought to Accept the WEAK Apology and Forgive Him, But Continue to Feed Him Out of a Long-handle Spoon Until They See Fruits of Repentance. In Other Words, the “PAUSING” of Their Relationship With Him Should Last a Bit Longer For the Glory of God, For the Lifting up of Jesus Christ, For Maverick City’s Sake, and For Dante’s Sake.