Florida Man Accused of Killing His Ex-Wife and Stepson Because They Left the Lights on at Their House

Michael Williams

Florida man allegedly shot and killed his ex-wife and stepson over electricity usage because they left the lights on too long.

Michael Williams, 47, is accused of killing Marsha Williams and her adult son, 28-year-old Robert Adams at the home they all shared.

Investigators say that the suspect became angry at the family home in Volusia County and told sheriff’s deputies that he had shot and killed them when they attacked him.

“This is absolutely senseless. This is an argument over electricity,” said Chief Deputy Brian Henderson with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

“He felt that they were leaving the lights on in the house, so he went and put a lock on the box outside of the house to which Marsha and her son cut.”

Investigators say there was a confrontation between the group on Sunday evening, after which Mr Williams called 911.

“I had my weapon on me and while they were attacking me, I basically–I had to, basically, I shot them,” he allegedly told the operator. “You shot him?” the operator asked.

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SOURCE: The Independent, Graeme Massie