Martin Luther King Jr. Letter Discussing N-Word to be Auctioned Off

(Wikimedia Commons)

A letter from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. where he discusses the use of the N-word and the phrase “dark skinned American” is up for auction.

Signed “Martin L. King, Jr.,” the one-paged typed letter is up for sale at RR Auction.

“It’s a profound letter from Dr. King on the evolution of race labeling,” said Bobby Livingston, Executive VP at the Boston-based auction house.

Typed on Southern Christian Leadership Conference letterhead and addressed to a William A. Bennett, the letter reads: “I appreciated the meaningful points raised in your letter to me concerning racial appellations.

“The words ‘dark skinned American’ constitute a vivid depiction of both citizenship and race just as you point out.

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SOURCE: Talker News, Brelaun Douglas