Why You Should Choose the Best Early Learning Centre for Your Child

Choosing the best learning centre for your child can be challenging and difficult, especially with so many different types of early learning schools out there. Whether you want to homeschool or put your child in an early learning centre, there are various factors that you should consider before making your decision, such as curriculum, the age range of students, certifications, and more. 

Don’t just choose the first early learning school you come across; choose the best! Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of ten reasons why you should choose the best early learning centre for your child.

Boosts Confidence

A recent study found that children who attend an early learning centre are better at understanding and following instructions, reading and writing sentences, solving problems, and managing their feelings. But this is only the beginning of all the benefits an early learning centre has to offer. 

The presence of peers can help boost a child’s confidence levels. And because they come in contact with many different people they can be better prepared to understand diversity at a young age.

Inspires Creativity

Nurturing creativity is about giving your child a space to be creative. Studies show that kids learn better when they are actively engaged in what they are learning. Creating an environment that encourages creativity can help build the skills your child needs to be a more imaginative and successful learner in school and beyond. 

How do you do that? Create lots of messy, hands-on activities and give your child plenty of opportunities to draw, colour, dance or sing on their own without being told what to do.

Stimulates Imagination

Imagination is important because it helps us develop not only cognitive skills but emotional and social skills too. Imagination sparks creativity in other areas of our lives such as work, school and leisure. But when it comes to our kids, we need to make sure that they have adequate spaces and opportunities to flex their imagination muscles. 

A good example of this would be a daycare centre with open floor plans where kids can play outside during different times of the year or they can visit outdoor playgrounds anytime they want during regular hours. Kids learn best when they have a hands-on experience so having everything out in the open is perfect!

Develops Skills For School and Life

There are many benefits to being educated in a developmentally appropriate early learning centre. Kids that go to early learning centres have an easier time developing skills they will need in order to be successful at school and in life, including small group instruction, intentional language exposure, smaller class sizes, large community inclusion, structured curriculum with varied activities, and well-trained teachers who understand the development of children.

For example, intentional language exposure can help kids become bilingual or multilingual by speaking at least two languages before the age of five. And structured curriculum with varied activities helps give kids the chance to learn while they play by spending time playing alongside their peers.

Supports Social Skills and Playtime

Social skills are such an important part of a child’s development and an early learning centre is a great place to encourage social interaction. In these centres, you’ll find that children will learn how to communicate with others in an open environment. 

Children will not only learn from teachers, but also from other children and their parents. This kind of environment promotes playtime which also helps improve social skills by allowing your child to explore his or her interests through socialization with others who share those interests!

Encourages Independence

Independence is crucial in a young child’s development. A great early learning centre will teach your child to make decisions, show initiative and get along without you. These skills are vital for success at school and beyond. Investing in an excellent early learning centre will be worth it in the long run as it’ll pay off with a happier, more confident and independent child.

Enables Parents to Work

Childcare allows parents to work and take care of their family responsibilities. It also helps children feel a sense of belonging while they are away from their parents. However, there are a variety of different early learning centres available on the market. It can be difficult to find the best option for your child.

Gives Children Freedom From Devices

Because children learn by exploring and engaging with others, they are better prepared to collaborate in a team-based environment and in life. Technology addiction often means that parents are not giving their children time to explore. Children need more opportunities to focus on face-to-face relationships while they’re young so they don’t grow up as less socially competent adults. 

An Early learning centre is a safe, stimulating environment where your child will have endless opportunities to build on their skills, from language development and mathematics to cooking, socialization, creative expression, health and self-regulation skills.

Quality Matters Over Quantity

The most important thing you can do as a parent is to help your child develop their mind. While reading and playing together at home with your child is fun, it’s not enough! The sooner you sign them up for playgroups or a preschool that gets them learning in new ways, the better they’ll be prepared to learn when they enter kindergarten. 

Quality matters over quantity- meaning, don’t just pick one that’s closest to you or has the best advertising. Take some time to visit some schools and find out what they offer before enrolling your child in any school-learning centre.

Is Fun And Developmentally Appropriate For Your Child.

Children learn best through play, so a centre’s curriculum should have lots of room for it. Toys and activities should be age-appropriate and labelled. A centre should provide daily opportunities to learn how to get along with other children by interacting with them in various ways such as story time or sharing snacks during circle time. 

Cleanliness is important, so parents will want to know about a centre’s food safety practices, and that children do not come into contact with cleaning chemicals or hazardous materials (think paint). A centre needs enough staff on hand so when things like naptime come around they can be tended to while caregivers focus on other children in attendance. 


If you want your child to get the best start in life, there are a number of things you need to do, and choosing the best early learning centre is just one of them. Make sure you do your research about what each institution has to offer and try and meet some families that have children enrolled in an early learning centre before making a decision. Ultimately, it’s up to you whether or not you choose an early learning centre but we hope this list will help make your decision easier.