Survey Says Gen Z is Killing Hookup Culture

The pandemic was something of a reset for many ways of life we took for granted, and new data shows that it’s even been a catalyst in changing the modern dating scene, particularly for Gen Z.

New data from Hinge found that while Gen Z felt like they’d missed out on the fundamentals of dating after two years of lockdowns and social distancing, a full 45 percent of users on the app felt they’d changed their dating habits for the better.

Honesty is the best policy
Gen Z is only interested in romantic relationships that feel additive to their everyday lives — and they’re not the only ones.

A full 39 percent of Hinge users reported being pickier about whom they went on a date with since the pandemic, and 91 percent of those people say they made the change because they don’t want to waste time on the wrong person.

On that note, while most older people are no strangers to dating games and archaic “rules,” singles have given it all up to be more honest with their feelings and intentions.

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Source: NY Post