Last Member of Brazilian Indigenous Tribe Dies After Living in Complete Isolation for Past 26 Years

The last remaining member of an uncontacted Brazilian indigenous tribe has died, Brazil’s indigenous protection agency, Funai, said Saturday.

Known as the “Man of the Hole,” he had lived in complete isolation for the past 26 years on the Tanaru indigenous land, deep in the Brazilian Amazon in Rondonia state, according to non-profit organization Survival International.

He was given his nickname for his habit of constructing deep holes to trap animals and to hide in, the group said.

The man had resisted all attempts to be contacted, though authorities continued to monitor him from afar, occasionally leaving out supplies for him.

Survival International said the rest of his tribe was wiped out by several attacks since the 1970s, mainly from cattle ranchers and land grabbers.

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SOURCE: CNN, Camilo Rocha and Maija Ehlinger