Study Says Only 1 in 10 Adults Get Optimal Sleep

BARCELONA, Spain — Getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis slashes the risk of heart disease and stroke. Unfortunately, few people are actually getting this, according to a new study. Researchers in France found that a staggering 90 percent of people are generally poor sleepers.

The research suggests that 72 percent of new cases of coronary heart disease and stroke each year may be avoidable with better shut-eye. Cardiovascular disease – which includes heart attacks, heart failure, and angina – is one of the main causes of death and disability worldwide.

“The low prevalence of good sleepers was expected given our busy, 24/7 lives,” says study author Dr. Aboubakari Nambiema of INSERM (the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research), in a media release. “The importance of sleep quality and quantity for heart health should be taught early in life when healthy behaviors become established. Minimizing nighttime noise and stress at work can both help improve sleep.”

How long do ‘optimal’ sleepers stay in bed for?
A total of 7,200 participants, between the ages of 50 and 75, took part in the study. Nearly two-thirds (63%) were men. They were also free of cardiovascular disease at the start of the investigation.

Each participant took part in physical examinations and completed questionnaires. They answered questions about their lifestyle, their personal and family medical history, and history of previous medical conditions. The questionnaire also allowed researchers to gauge each person’s sleeping habits.

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Source: StudyFinds