Flooding in Pakistan Kills Over 900 People

The shows people in Pakistan with aid from World Mission after the flooding. (Photo courtesy of World Mission on Facebook)

This summer, rains and flooding have killed over 900 people in Pakistan. That number comes from Pakistan’s Minister of Climate Change. The worst damage happened in the southern portions of the country, specifically in the Balochistan region.

The U.N. says 95,000 homes have been destroyed. In Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi, 15 inches of rain in a few hours overwhelmed the streets.

Greg Kelley with World Mission says, “People that we’re working with, and our partners on the ground, are telling me about 40 continuous days of rain. It’s just destroying roads and livestock. Fields and farms are literally washed away. When that is someone’s entire source of substance, either raising their animals or farming, it’s devastating.”

“This year has been uniquely devastating in Pakistan.”

One World Mission Pastor lost both his house and his livestock. People urgently need medical supplies and shelter.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


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