Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, Lovingly and Respectfully Tells a Pastor, Who he Prayed For When he Was Sick and Near Death And Who he Encouraged Others to Pray For, Matt Chandler, to RESIGN IMMEDIATELY. Committing Adultery BY TEXT Has Been the Church’s and the World’s Little Dirty Secret For Years Now and Caused the Sins of Fornication, Hook-ups, Side Pieces, and Adultery to Explode in Growth and Was a Big Part of the Reason the Church Went Under the REBUKE and CHASTISEMENT of the LORD JESUS CHRIST Through the Coronavirus Plague and All of the Other Plagues That Have Come Upon us Because the Church is Not Repenting, and Therefore, is the Reason Many Pastors and Their Wives, So-called Church Leaders, and Church Members Have Gotten Sick and Died, For They Were Giving Communion and Taking Communion Unworthily For Years. This is Common Knowledge. TEXTING is One of the Most POWERFUL and Also Most INTIMATE Forms of Communication Ever Invented. Most People Would Agree That They Would Rather Text Than Talk on the Phone or Email or do a Face Time. The Truth of the Matter is, to Borrow a Phrase From the Late Dr. Frederick K. C. Price, Some Men Can Talk the Panties Right Off a Woman, and There Are Some Men Who Can Text the Panties Right Off of a Woman and Have Her Show up at the Hotel of His Choice. Sad to Say, This Has Happened With Church Folks Thousands of Times Over the Years, and it is Still Happening Today, and That is Why Pastors Are Still Falling, Families Are Still Being Ruined, and Churches Are Still Being Dismayed and Destroyed. Besides All of That, Texting a Man’s Wife in the Church or Any Woman in the Church or Outside of the Church is a No, No, if Not a Blatant Attempt at Adultery. This Thing That Matt Chandler Said in the Pulpit About “We Practice Brother/Sister Here” is of the Devil. We Are Brothers and Sisters in Christ, But We’re Not Brothers and Sisters Like That. I Believe Most Men Would Agree, if You Even Have my Wife’s Number, You’re Going to Get Gangster Slapped Like Will Smith Did Chris Rock. “Keep my wife’s number out of your phone. And if you ever text my wife, in love, I am going to whip your ass or worse.” And then tell you, “I know you have  read the Bible but evidently you missed this verse: ‘jealousy is the rage of a man.'” And See, This is What Has Been Going on in the Church For Years now: This Foolish Familiarity Which Produces Evil Among the Brothers and the Sisters in Christ Jesus Must Stop. Pastors and Pastors’ Wives Need to Respect Other People’s Spouses and Keep Their Christian Distance, For Familiarity Not Only Breeds Contempt; it Breeds Adultery and Other Ungodliness. In Closing, Another Reason Why Matt Chandler Needs to Resign is Because he is Somewhat Like a BISHOP Over Other Churches as he is the Chairman of Acts 29, and Because of the Other Scandals That His Church Just Came Through Where They Had to Settle and Pay Somebody a lot of Money, and Also Because the Department of Justice is Investigating the Entire Southern Baptist Convention For the Same Foolishness That he Just Partook in. Matt Chandler, do Not do Like Tavner Smith and Brian Houston and Push the Church to Destruction and Bankruptcy. You Are Better Than That. Yes, There Are People There Who Love You and Who Are Trying to Keep You on. Now, Show Them That You Love Them and Resign Post Haste From the Church and Also From Acts 29. 

HERE WE GO and WATCH: So-called DRAG QUEEN BRUNCH in Roanoke, Texas, Near the Bible-Belt Capital, Dallas-Fort Worth, Draws Armed Protesters and Counter-Protesters. And Strangely Antifa is Involved Protecting the Homosexual Drag Queens. — Daniel Whyte III President of Gospel Light Society International Asks, Where Are the Pastors Who Care For Our Children? Leonard Ravenhill Asked the Question: Why Revival Tarries? Revival Tarries Because Even Though God’s Pastors and People Are Under Severe Chastisement and Rebuke For Their Sins and Abominations and For Allowing Things to Get to This Point, They Still do Not Want to do What God’s Word Says, and That is to Humble Themselves, Pray, Seek God’s Face, and Turn From Their Wicked Ways.

It is Reported That Former President Trump Has Encouraged the Rank and File FBI Agents to go “nuts” and not “take it any more” Over the Mar-A-Lago Raid — Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, Says, Considering the Precarious Situation That he is in, Somebody Like His Lawyers Need to Tell The Former President To Keep His Mouth Shut and These Are Not the Words he Should be Saying at This Time or Any Time. And I am Only Commenting on This Strange Article Because in Light of the Plagues That God Has Already Put on America Such as the Coronavirus Plague, The Monkeypox Plague, and the Inflation Plague, etc., the Last Thing the People of America Need Right Now is a CIVIL WAR and the Incendiary Comments From a Former President Like These Will Light the Fire That Will Burn the Whole Nation Down. Some People Act as Though They do Not Realize That China and Russia Are Waiting For That to Happen so That America Will Implode Before She Explodes With a Nuclear Bomb.