College Student ‘Lucky to be Alive’ After Lightning Strike Fried Her Shirt and Electronics on Her First Day of Class at University of West Florida

Eggler survived the strike with some minor burns and bruises. (Courtesy of Erin Eggler)

A college freshman was struck by lightning on the first day of classes and survived despite a close call with her heart, local news stations WEAR-TV and WKRG reported this week.

Emma Eggler, 18, said doctors told her she was “very lucky” to be alive, as the lightning strike narrowly missed her heart. The shock could have caused a fatal heart attack in an older person, but Eggler escaped with second-degree burns and bruises.

The Alabama native moved into her dorm at the University of West Florida over the weekend and attended her first classes on Monday, she told WKRG. She said she could see a storm brewing as she walked to her final class of the day, but she didn’t realize how close it was.

Eggler said she didn’t feel the impact of the lightning strike when it hit her — one moment she was on her feet, and then she woke up on the ground unable to move or speak. Her electronics were fried and her shirt melted to her body, leaving burns on her chest, stomach, and wrist.

After paramedics brought her to a local hospital, she was transferred to the University of Alabama in Birmingham Burn Center. Since she was discharged Tuesday evening, Eggler is feeling better and planning to attend classes next week, she told WEAR-TV.

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SOURCE: Insider, Andrea Michelson