5 Reasons Your Website Needs to Focus on SEO

Search engine optimization should be an important part of your web strategy, but too many websites aren’t making use of it. Every website has the ability to rank in the search engines, but if you’re not following the basics of SEO, then you’re going to miss out on the huge opportunities this offers.

Here are five reasons your website needs to focus on SEO.


One of the best reasons to start implementing SEO on your website is the potential it has to boost your traffic. No matter what you’re trying to achieve with your website, you need people to visit it to make those goals a reality, and SEO is a great tool for this.

By ranking for the right keywords in the search engines, you can bring in engaged visitors who are going to help you achieve your goals.


When your website ranks number one on Google for a certain keyword it gives your business a huge stamp of approval. If you rank at the top, then in people’s minds, you must know what you’re talking about, and so they are going to trust you that little bit more.

Developing authority is important for any business, and it’s something that’s going to help you create sales and see a bigger return on investment from your website. SEO can give you an immediate boost in this area, and therefore make all the difference to your site.

Reduced Ad Spend

When you’re working with a top SEO agency like clickintelligence.co.uk, you’re investing in the future of your website.

Whereas with pay per click advertising you pay money every time someone clicks your link, with SEO you get free traffic. If you put in the hard work with your SEO now, then you can benefit from these free clicks for years to come.

This reduces your need to pay for advertising, saving you money in the long run.

Build Your Brand

Appearing at the top of the search engines is some of the best advertising you can do for your brand.

Everybody looks at the top result, and even if someone doesn’t click it, it still registers in their mind. If they’re seeing your website pop up for every industry related search they make, then it’s going to firmly establish your brand in their mind.

Businesses pay a lot of money to get their brand name out there in front of their audience, but every time you show up for a Google search, you’re doing it for free.

Easily Judge the Results

One of the great things about SEO is you have so much data available to you so it’s easy to judge your performance. You can track visitors right from the point they click to your website all the way up to the point where they make a purchase, so you know exactly what you’re getting for your investment.

When you make improvements with your SEO it’s easy to see, and with time, it will result in more sales.