Bethlehem Bible College’s Bethlehem Institute of Peace and Justice Offers New Master’s Program

Photo courtesy of Bethlehem Bible College.

Against a backdrop of frequent shootings and explosions in the West Bank, the Bethlehem Institute for Peace and Justice (out of Bethlehem Bible College) works for non-violence.

Andrew Bush talks about the new Master of Arts in Peace and Justice. “This is a program, an innovative, accredited, and primarily online degree is offered in partnership with St. Stephen’s University in New Brunswick, Canada. We’ve been working on this project for about three years.”

The MAPJ is a 2-year, 39-credit program. It offers courses about peacemaking and justice in the Palestinian context. Bush says, “Then, provided by St. Stephen’s University, there are courses such as The Inner Transformation of a Peacemaker (speaking of the inner spiritual development of a peacemaker).”

Other courses cover the biblical theology of peace and justice, peace and violence in the Old and New Testaments, practical non-violence, and how peacebuilding interacts with religion.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Check out the new Master of Arts in Peace and Justice program.