Here We Go: Baptist General Convention of Texas Considering Change in Relationship With Baylor University Over Homosexual Organization

Photo courtesy of ©Baylor University. All rights reserved.

PLANO, Texas (BP) — The Baptist General Convention of Texas is seeking to “review and consider changes” to the special agreement that defines its relationship with Baylor University.

The BGCT has related to Baylor by special agreement for more than three decades.

BGCT Executive Director David Hardage issued a brief statement Aug. 16: “The BGCT has entered into initial conversations with Baylor University to review and consider changes to the special agreement between our two institutions. Conversations are kind, gracious and cooperative, but will take some time to complete. We will share additional information as it comes available.”

In response, Baylor University released its own statement: “For more than 175 years, Baylor University and Texas Baptists have served side by side to extend the kingdom of God in Texas and beyond. We remain firmly rooted in our shared history, and the university is committed to continuing to maintain its historic relationship with the BGCT and with Texas Baptists. Such a commitment is at the heart of Baylor’s motto – Pro Ecclesia, Pro Texana, or ‘for the church’ and ‘for Texas.’”

The statement from Hardage did not indicate the reason for reviewing and considering changes to the relationship agreement with Baylor.

However, some Texas Baptists have made known their opposition to Baylor’s decision to grant a charter to Prism, an LGBTQ student organization, on April 19.

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Source: Baptist Press