2022 Southern Baptist Convention Annual Document Available Online

NASHVILLE (BP) – John Yeats, who served 25 years as Southern Baptist Convention recording secretary, describes the SBC Annual as “one big aggregation” of all that Southern Baptists accomplish in the span of two days each June.

“Of course, everything that happens in the annual meeting, as far as dialogue is concerned and that sort of thing, doesn’t necessarily have to be recorded,” Yeats said. “It’s not news reporting; it is more process reporting … what takes place at the annual meeting.”

The Annual of the 2022 Southern Baptist Convention, a 568-page document covering the event held in Anaheim, Calif., is now available in an online searchable document under the Resources Tab at sbc.net.

“As a corporate body, you must have some kind of record about what transpires in your annual meeting. The Annual becomes part of a legal document,” Yeats said. “It’s very important to have it accurately reported. That’s one of the things we try to focus on, to do our very best to be as accurate as possible.

“It’s a barrage of information that comes to the recording secretary’s desk and he begins to formulate the record that has transpired, getting names accurately spelled, the locations, who did this, who did that, the response of the chair,” he said. “You’ve got to be knowledgeable about parliamentary procedure … because you’ve got to keep the standard of the document.”

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Source: Baptist Press