Pastor Michael Todd of Transformation Church Posts Weird Video of His Wife Removing His Body Hair While he Objectifies Her. This is Weird, Unnecessary, and Inappropriate. If They Get Off on That, That is For Their Eyes Only–Not For the Rest of Us. Please Spare Us. The Holy Bible Says: “Dead flies cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savour: so doth a little folly him that is in reputation for wisdom and honour” (Ecclesiastes 10:1)

Biographer Claims Elvis Presley Was Destined to Die Young Due to His Family’s History of INCEST; Elvis Presley and His Mom Had Similar “four-year period of degenerative health” — Daniel Whyte III Says, All Sexual Abominations That God Has Forbidden in Holy Scripture Brings Devastating Health Issues. Whyte Says he Was Preaching in a Certain Church in Oregon and He Could Not Help But Notice a Large Number of the People Coming in Were Deformed. After the Services, One of the Members Told Him it Comes From Years of Incest