New York City Taxi Driver Kutin Gyimah Beaten to Death by Five Passengers Who Tried to Rob Him

Gyimah and his wife Abigail. (Family photo)

There’s now a $15,000 reward out for information leading to the arrest of those who killed a New York City taxi driver in Queens.

Kutin Gyimah, 52, died early Saturday when he chased down five passengers who tried to rob him at around 6:30 a.m. in the Rockaways, police said.

At least one or more of the passengers took a swing at the cabbie, police said, sending him flying to the pavement, where he hit his head. The group, including three men and two women, then fled.

Kutin Gyimah, 52, died early Saturday after a group of passengers tried to rob and assault him. Gyimah fell and hit his head on the pavement during the attack while the would-be thieves fled.

“These murderers must be caught and we are offering a $15,000 reward … All funeral expenses will be covered by the owners of Big Apple Taxi Fleet Management where Mr. [Gyimah] worked,” said Fernando Mateo, spokesman for the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers, who announced the reward Saturday afternoon.

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SOURCE: New York Post, Larry Celona, Griffin Kelly and Dean Balsamini