Idaho Supreme Court Allows Near-Total Abortion Ban to Take Effect

The Idaho Supreme Court ruled to criminalize all abortions. (Sarah A. Miller/Idaho Statesman via AP)

A near-total abortion ban can take effect in Idaho, the state Supreme Court has ruled.

The decision Friday came despite a barrage of legal challenges to the law, Fox News reported Saturday. The court did agree to expedite the various lawsuits, however.

Two justices agreed to speed up the timeline for various legal challenges to be heard, but wanted it noted that they felt the laws should not be enforced until the legal process was over.

A doctor and a local Planned Parenthood have sued Idaho over three laws restricting abortion and the Justice Department is also taking on Idaho in federal court over the near-total abortion ban.

The state Supreme Court’s ruling means potential relatives of an embryo or fetus can now sue abortion providers over procedures done after six weeks of gestation and another stricter ban criminalizing all abortions can take effect later this month.

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SOURCE: New York Post, Dana Kennedy