American Ranchers Blame Drought for Rising Meat Prices at Grocery Stores

Reports say eight states have 50% or more pasture and rangeland as poor to very poor. (FOX Weather)

Cattle farmers have been experiencing some of the worst drought conditions ever.

The ground is tough for grazing, and many ranchers have had to cull their herd because it’s more economical than feeding them.

Fewer cows mean fewer calves and ultimately less meat in the years to follow. The USDA expects beef production next year to drop by 1.9 billion pounds – a 7% decline.

And consumers shopping at grocery stores have probably noticed their steaks and burgers are more expensive. It’s a domino effect and experts say that trend could get worse in the years to come.

The American Farm Bureau Federation reports drought conditions, particularly in the West and Southern Plains, are one of the reasons that more heifers are entering the slaughter pipeline, which means a smaller cattle inventory this year and a smaller calf crop for 2023 and beyond.

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SOURCE: New York Post; FOX Weather, Chris Oberholtz