There’s a Devil Loose: Louisiana Mother FaceTimed Her Ex to Show His Two Young Children Dying After She Slit Their Throats Amid Bitter Custody Battle

Jenee Pedesclaux’s 4-year-old daughter Paris died of her injuries, while 2-year-old son Jay’Ceon remains hospitalized. (WWL-TV)

A disturbed Louisiana mom repeatedly video called her ex after slitting their two young kids’ throats — showing him his daughter “gasping for air” before she died, according to harrowing court documents of the “unspeakable” crime.

Jenee Pedesclaux, 31, first called her ex, Jermaine Roberts, to tell him she’d damaged his vehicle amid their bitter child-custody battle — and that she planned to kill herself and their kids rather than go to jail, according to court documents obtained by

She then FaceTimed him three times to show how she’d stabbed their 2-year-old son, Jay’Ceon, and daughter, Paris, 4, the report said.

A blood-soaked Jenee Pedesclaux went live on Facebook at some point during the carnage.
Pedesclaux was charged with murder and attempted murder. (Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office)

In the last video call, she showed him how she had slit both kids’ throats — with their daughter “gasping for air” on the bed before later being pronounced dead in a local New Orleans hospital, the outlet said.

Covered in blood, Pedesclaux at some point went on Facebook Live to blame her ex for the bloodbath.

“My children is dead! I’m done!” she howled in the distressing live video, although her young son survived.

“I’m done with life, and it’s all Jermaine’s fault! … I’m killing myself, I’m done!” she sobbed.

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SOURCE: New York Post, Lee Brown