Liberty University Picked the CarterBaldwin Organization to Search For its Next President. This Means That the Jerry Falwell, Sr. Line of Succession Will Not Continue at Liberty University; Jerry Falwell, Jr. and His Wife Becky’s Gross Moral Failure Has Ruined That Possibility For His Children and Grandchildren — Daniel Whyte III, Who is a Part of the Liberty University Flame Nation Family, Still Says That Liberty Needs to Check With Dr. Tony Evans to See if he Would be Willing to Serve For Awhile to Help Liberty Get its Spiritual Focus Back. Dr. John McNeal, Jr., Pastor of the Atlanta Bible Baptist Church and Former Professor at Carver Bible College in Atlanta, Georgia, and Who Was a Professor and Mentor of Dr. Tony Evans Before he Went to Dallas Theological Seminary and Who is a Part of His Great Success, Said Very Humbly and Nonchalantly Many Years Ago When Cedarville University in Ohio Was Doing a Presidential Search, (Due to the Fact That he Was Known in Those Evangelical Circles and Had a Terminal Degree From One of Their Prominent Theological Seminaries) That They Are Not Going to Consider Him Because he is Black. He Went on to Say That Even Though he Was Content Doing What God Has Called Him to do and Probably Would Not Take the Job, he Should Still be Considered. Dr. Tony Evans at Over Seventy Years Old Has His Hands Full With all That he is Already Doing, But I Want to Encourage Liberty University to Consider Him, and if he is Not Interested, Consider Another Black Man With a Terminal Degree Who is an Out-and-Out Christian With a Godly Background in Light of Some of the Racism Issues That Cropped Up With Jerry Falwell, Jr., and Also, in Light of the Fact That Over Half of the Students Who Attend Liberty University Are People of Color.