Elon Musk Promises Part Three of His ‘Master Plan’ to ‘Save Mankind’ is ‘Coming Soon’

Tesla mogul Elon Musk revealed that the next part of his mankind-saving manifesto is ‘coming soon’.

The billionaire took to Twitter to share the news after he marked the six-year anniversary of the most recent part, simply named ‘Master Plan, Part Deux’.

Fans were eager to see Part Three, to which the world-famous entrepreneur replied: “Coming soon. Part 3 is about scaling sustainable energy at a civilizational level to enable a bright future for Earth.”

Supporters of the magnate were quick to throw their weight behind the plan, with one sharing: “At this moment you are in the minority believing in a ‘bright future’. You have our support.”

However, not all were convinced. One fan noted: “Not exactly a small deal. How about removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere? Is that also a part of it?”

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Source: Daily Star