22-Month-Old Twin Boy Dies in ‘Freak Accident’ After Cement Mixer Truck Falls Off Texas Overpass and Crushes Family’s SUV

Nicolas Resendiz / GOFUNDME

A toddler died in Houston after an SUV was crushed by a cement mixer truck.

The 22-month-old boy was killed Friday when the truck toppled over the overpass and onto the Ford Expedition transporting him on the Sam Houston Parkway, HCSO Senior Deputy Thomas M. Gilliland says in a statement obtained by PEOPLE.

Four people were in the car when the accident occurred, including the victim and his twin sibling, as well as a 54-year-old driver and 22-year-old female passenger.

The toddler killed in the crash was identified as Nicolas Resendiz in¬†a GoFundMe campaign¬†started by his mother Jennifer Resendiz. She described her late son as “a happy, smart, and nice little boy.”

“On Friday afternoon, our family was devastated by an unexpected and unimaginable tragedy. Baby Nicolas Resendiz lost his life in a horrible, freak accident,” Jennifer wrote in the caption.

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SOURCE: PEOPLE, Abigail Adams