Resource Can Multiply Effectiveness of Christian Missions

MILLS, Wyo. (BP) – Merry Marcus is among countless Southern Baptists nationwide who carefully watch their money to be sure they are able to participate in their church’s mission projects.

Now she’s found a way her church could multiply her missions giving.

The 50-year member of Mountain View Baptist Church has watched for sales to buy school supplies, toys, games and other items to stuff into Samaritan’s Purse shoeboxes, back-to-school backpacks and other church projects.

“I try to spend at least $10 for the kids every time I go to the grocery store, Family Dollar or Walmart, so it adds up,” Marcus told Baptist Press. “I love doing it. I wish I could see their faces when they open their box and see a little truck or a doll or stuffed animal.

“Being on a fixed income, I do it a little bit at a time,” Marcus continued. “If I don’t help the kids, who’s going to? I mean, others in our church help, but if I don’t, that’s one less person helping, one less kid being helped.”

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Source: Baptist Press