It is Reported That Former President and Prime Minister of Russia Has Said President Vladimir Putin Has Given Order to Use Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine

Putin and Medvedev are thought to be very close to each other (Image: Getty Images)

One of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s closest aides has warned him that the West is seeking to “destroy Russia ”.

The worrying message came from former-president Dmitry Medvedev, and was part of a rant about using nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

He is now the deputy head of the Russian security council.

According to local media reports, he has portrayed the West acting in an “extremely aggressive” geopolitical assault on Moscow.

“Their goal is the same – to destroy Russia,” he warned.

“This is the root cause of the aggressive Russophobic geopolitical process initiated by the West.

“And now they continue to exercise with Ukraine, the fate of which they absolutely do not care. The goal is the same – to destroy Russia.”

His bunker mentality claims came as a Russian opposition source said that warmonger President Putin has not abandoned “the options for using nuclear weapons in the war with Ukraine.

The Putin supporting General SVR Telegram channel also claimed that Putin has “given direct orders to prepare such options”.