Jerry Wiles On Overcoming Common Misconceptions and False Assumptions

Some places have a church in every village

“Is it true that in America, there is a church in every village?” That was a question a lady asked me while I was traveling in one of the creative access countries of Southeast Asia. Her questions and subsequent conversations led me to think about how easy it is to make certain assumptions and how those of us living in the free world take so much for granted.  The young lady was a well-educated professional translator.  It was insightful to discover the many false assumptions she had about the rest of the world.  Sometimes misconceptions are because of a lack of access to real news and information.  Others are simply misled with wrong or false information.

False assumptions are common all over the world.  Many of us make false assumptions on a regular basis.  For example, I have often assumed that someone working at a church, or a Christian institution would be a believer, a follower of Jesus.  Many times, that has turned out not to be the case.  It has been a misconception or false assumption.

A Reproducing Life

While serving for several years with two different Christian universities, I interacted with a good number of students, staff, and faculty members.  During those years I had the opportunity of sharing and praying with many of them.  One of those was a young man on the janitorial staff.  We frequently had casual conversations about various topics.  After a few months I finally asked him about his relationship with the Lord.  It turned out that he came from a religious background, but he had never placed his faith and trust in Christ.  However, I was able to clarify what is means to confess, believe, and call on the Lord, from Romans chapter 10.

The Seed tests the Soil

Not only did the young man receive Christ that day, but he immediately began sharing with others.  Over the next year or so, several of his family, relatives and friends came to the Lord.  It was a joy to see how he grew in his relationship with the Lord and was fruitful in his witness and ministry to others.  We often do not know how people will respond to the Word of God, but we can have confidence that by sharing often, His Word will occasionally connect with receptive hearts, take root and produce much fruit.  The seed of the Word tests the soil.

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SOURCE: Assist News, Jerry Wiles