15-Year-Old Nehemiah Juniel Becomes Youngest Student to Ever Graduate from Sam Houston State University

A 15-year-old becomes the youngest student to ever graduate from Sam Houston State University. Nehemiah Juniel will be getting his bachelor’s degree in health sciences in August.

According to Sam Houston State University, the teen has always had an extreme interest in learning more. At just 5 years old he was already doing pre-algebra and by age 13 he received his Associate of Science.

He says that his education doesn’t stop there. He hopes to one day become a cardiologist, which is why the next step for him is to start studying for the MCAT.

“Around the age of eight years old, I decided I wanted to become a surgeon of some sort,” he said. “As I grew, I continued to change and specify what kind of career I wanted to pursue. This culminated into my decision to study cardiology,” said Juniel.

SOURCE: News 4 San Antonio