Senate Gearing Up for Marathon Vote on Social Spending Bill

Senate Democrats are preparing Saturday to begin a marathon session of voting during a complex procedure to pass a $433 billion climate and spending package — as the party suffered a blow to a key portion of the bill’s drug reform plan.

The so-called “vote-a-rama” will allow Senators from both parties to offer unlimited amendments to the final bill after debate has closed. Dozens are expected to be offered and voted upon in rapid fire sessions.

The vote is required under the rules of reconciliation, which allows Democrats to do an end-run around Republican filibusters and pass the bill with a simple majority.

For months, Senate Democrats have worked to craft a bill that would attract the support of all 50 of their members. A final deal was reached this week and the vote-a-rama is expected to begin Saturday evening or early Sunday.

Republicans have vowed to make it painful, forcing Democrats into potentially embarrassing votes ahead of tough midterm elections in November.

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Source: NY Post