Fears of World War III Increase as China Simulates an Attack on Taiwan in Military Drills and Rehearses Sinking American Aircraft Carriers With Hypersonic Missiles

China boasted it has rehearsed sinking US aircraft carriers using hypersonic missiles as part of a massive war games amid simmering tensions over Taiwan.

Beijing’s state controlled media bragged recent missile launches were squarely aimed at hitting any “foreign aircraft carriers” that could interfere with a “reunification-by-force operation”.

Communist Party-run tabloid The Global Times quoted a number of named and unnamed “experts” who blustered about the massive war games near Taiwan.

China has been left furious after senior US politician Nancy Pelosi – the third in line to the presidency – visited the autonomous island earlier this week in what Beijing views as a “provocation”.

Xi Jinping’s regime views any engagement between Washington and Taipei as a US endorsement of Taiwan’s independence.

But an increasingly belligerent China claims the island belongs to them – and has vowed to retake Taiwan by 2050.

Warships, warplanes and missiles have all been moved towards the island for the massive Chinese war games – which in effect blockaded Taiwan.

Beijing’s state run media bragged the drills showed how China could attack the island by first unleashing a wave of rocket strikes across the Taiwan Strait.

And it then boasted missile launches showed how the Communist forces could also strike any “foreign” aircraft carriers that may attempt to “intervene from the Philippine Sea”.

Hypersonic missiles such as the DF-17 could be used, it claimed, to hit “moving targets at sea”.

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Source: the Sun