Pastor David Stocker of Popular Brave Church in Miami Gets Fired by the Assemblies of God After Committing Gross Adultery With Three Different Women

A Christian pastor of a trendy Miami church has been forced out for allegedly having steamy affairs with three women from his congregation, two while he was still married, can reveal.

David Stocker, 46, was fired from Brave Church in the city’s Westchester district in April after its overseeing body – the Peninsular Florida District Council of the Assemblies of God – found him guilty of ‘gross sexual misconduct and immoral actions.’

The clergyman, who had preached at the church since 2014, is also accused of using the church’s credit card to fund some of his illicit encounters, including paying for a flight to New York for one of his lovers.

The shocking allegations are contained in a 307-page complaint filed by the council that sued Stocker after he refused to step down and continued preaching despite being dismissed for breaching the church’s bylaws.

Stocker’s attorney did not immediately comment on the sex and alcohol allegations when contacted by

The pastor was investigated after the scorned woman from his first alleged affair reported him to the council in a damning email in January, in which she supplied ‘hundreds’ of photographs, videos, and text messages cataloging his shame.

The woman, whose identity is being protected by the council, was distraught after discovering Stocker went on to have relationships with two other worshippers – and is currently still with one of them, according to the legal papers filed in Miami-Dade Circuit Court.

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Source: Daily Mail