100,000 North Korean Soldiers Could Be Sent to Join Putin’s Russian Forces Fighting Ukraine — There’s a World War Three a-coming

A desperate Vladimir Putin is considering turning to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un for help in his invasion of Ukraine, and is willing to offer energy and grain in return for 100,000 soldiers, according to reports in Russia.

North Korea has made it clear through ‘diplomatic channels’ that as well as providing builders to repair war damage, it is ready to supply a vast fighting force in an attempt to tip the balance in Moscow’s favour, reported Regnum news agency.

They would be deployed to the forces of the separatist pro-Putin Donetsk People’s Republic [DPR] and Luhansk People’s Republic [LPR], both of which Kim has recently recognised as independent countries.

‘The country is ready to transfer up to 100,000 of its soldiers to Donbas,’ said the report by the pro-Kremlin news agency. ‘Pyongyang will be able to transfer its tactical units to Donbas.’

In return, grain and energy would be supplied to Kim’s stricken economy.

A leading defence expert in Moscow, reserve colonel Igor Korotchenko, told Russian state TV: ‘We shouldn’t be shy in accepting the hand extended to us by Kim Jong-un.’

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Source: Daily Mail