Pentagon DELAYS Another Intercontinental Ballistic Test to Avoid Angering China During Military Drills: Republicans Say Biden Wants to Placate XI’s ‘Tantrums’ and ‘Weak-kneed’ Appeasement Will Only Invite More Aggression

The Biden administration postponed a routine test launch of an Air Force Minuteman III intercontinental missile on Thursday to avoid further enflaming tensions with China, according to officials.

The U.S. has repeatedly delayed tests this year as Beijing ramps up its rhetoric over Taiwan, which it views as Chinese territory, and as Russia waged war in Ukraine.

This time, the test was postponed after China deployed dozens of planes and fired missiles near Taiwan in a show of strength in response to the visit of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The test was due to be conducted from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

White House security spokesman John Kirby said the decision to delay was taken by President Joe Biden.

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Source: Daily Mail