Parkland School Shooter’s Defense Attorneys Moved to Tears by Testimony from Parents of Children He Killed

Assistant State Attorney Carolyn McCann hands Lori Alhadeff a photograph of Alhadeff’s daughter, Alyssa, as she and her husband, Ilan Alhadeff, take the stand to give their victim impact statements at the trial. (Amy Beth Bennett/Pool via REUTERS)

As parents of the children slain in the Parkland shooting took the witness stand during the shooter’s sentencing hearing Tuesday, the gunman’s defense team was moved to tears by testimony.

The father of Alyssa Alhadeff — who would have been entering her sophomore year of college this month had she not been murdered — gave emotional testimony about who his daughter could have been at Tuesday’s hearing.

“Soon she’d go on to be a professional soccer player. She’d get her law degree, and maybe become one of the most successful business negotiation lawyers the world would see,” Ilan Alhadeff said, according to CNN.

“She was supposed to get married, and I was going to have my father-daughter dance,” he said, CNN reported. “She would have had a beautiful family, four kids, live in a gorgeous house – a beach house on the side.

“All those plans came to an end with Alyssa’s murder,” he said in court, according to CNN.

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SOURCE: Insider, Rebecca Cohen