California City of San Clemente Considers Banning Abortion, Becoming a ‘Sanctuary for Life’

The San Clemente City Council is set to consider a resolution in a couple of weeks that would declare the city a “sanctuary for life,” making it an abortion-free zone.

The resolution, which was written and proposed by Councilman Steven Knoblock, states that the City Council “considers life to begin at conception” and stands against the establishment of Planned Parenthood health centers or any other clinics where abortions are performed.

“There probably isn’t a family in America that hasn’t been impacted by abortion,” Knoblock said. “The [resolution] will get people thinking about what society has been doing for 50 years.”

The resolution, which will be discussed at the next council meeting on Aug. 16, doesn’t provide specific enforcement measures but does state that the resolution will be enforced by all of the “power and authority” of the council.

It also provides an exception for abortions in cases in which the mother’s life is at stake and in cases of rape or incest, stating that the council will remain neutral.

The mention of “God” is included multiple times throughout the resolution.

“We believe that life is God-ordained and God is the author and finisher of every life. No matter if at the beginning or at the end,” the resolution states. “As a city council, we will protect and sustain life at every stage. As we ask God to bless America, we first have to honor and respect God.”

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SOURCE: LA Times, Itzel Luna