Larry Reid of Larry Reid Live, Out of Christian Love and Concern for the T. D. Jakes Family Goes Off on Cora Jakes’ Alleged Child “Coercion” Situation, the Family, Judge Faith Johnson Who is a Member of the Potter’s House Church, and Now Sarah Jakes for Doing Something Similar to What her Sister Did by Filing for a petition to terminate parent/child relationship Between her Daughter Mackenzie and Her Father Former NFL Football Player Robert Henson; As he Says Regarding Cora, “Stop Lying,” and in His “Opinion, This is Criminal”  . . . “This is Out of Order!”

Here We Go and the Devil is a Lie — So-called Homosexual Based “Furries” Who Say They ‘Identify With Animals and Dress Up as Animals Now Forays in to the Church — Daniel Whyte III Says Thanks a Lot So-called “Inclusive” Pastors for Opening the Door by Allowing Practicing and So-called Married Homosexuals to Become Members of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. You Opened the Flood Gates of Hell Into the Church and You Didn’t Even See It Coming. A Little Leaven Leaveneth the Whole Lump

Homosexuals With MONKEYPOX Say it Causes EXCRUCIATING Pain and They Complain About a Lack of Guidance From the Government as the U.S. Government’s Official Number Approaches 7,000 Cases, But Sad to Say, it is Probably Triple That Number — Daniel Whyte III Says, This Sounds Eerily Like the Beginning of the CORONAVIRUS PLAGUE, Which he Predicted for Over Ten Years Before it Happened, and Which was Sent by the Lord to Primarily Rebuke and Chastise a Wicked and Disobedient Church for Multiple Gross Sins Such as Adultery, Side Pieces, Divorce and Remarriage Without Biblical Grounds, (which has dangerously caused millions to not only commit adultery but LIVE IN ADULTERY; by the way, Daniel Whyte III has stated probably over one hundred times, Bible-believing churches need to do away with the so-called DIVORCE CARE ministry, which is not a ministry, and start a MARRIAGE CARE ministry — that’s free), Fornication, Swinging, Homosexuality From the Pulpit to the Pew, and for Betraying God and His Son Jesus Christ Who Died Like no Other Man For These Sins, by Colluding With the Government in Sanctioning the Sin and Abomination of Homosexuality, and for Something That Even Lot Never Even Thought About in Sodom and Gomorrah, and That is the Abomination of So-called Homosexual Marriage. People, we Have Another Out-of-control Plague on Our Hands Called the MONKEYPOX PLAGUE, and it is Against the Abominations of the Male Homosexual Community Which Has EXPLODED Since the Church and the Government Colluded Together to Sanction This Evil Abomination, as Well as Secret Male Homosexuals in the Church, and So-called “Inclusive” Pastors in the Church Who Have Allowed Homosexuals as Members of the Church and Even So-called Married Homosexuals as Members of the Church. The Only Cure, my Dear Friends, is Wholesale Sincere Repentance Before God in the Church, First, and then Through the Gospel of Jesus Christ From the Church, Which Will Bring About Salvation and Repentance in the World, Next.