Mission Cry Sends Container of Bibles to Malawi

Photo courtesy of World Mission.

Recently, Mission Cry partners heard from Christians in the Southeastern African country of Malawi. They asked for Bibles to be delivered to them.

Mission Cry sends used Bibles and Christian books all over the world in shipping containers.

Jason Woolford says, “I told them we really couldn’t send it there. It’s landlocked. We don’t have anybody that can help release a container.”

Unexpected solution

But then, the unexpected happened. Woolford says, “Literally two days later, we got a container application. And it came from somebody in Malawi, asking for a container. They had the ability to clear it.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Donate Bibles or help sponsor the shipping containers.
  • Ask God to strengthen Christians in Malawi.