Here We Go: British Army Veteran is Allegedly Arrested for ‘Causing Anxiety’ Over Tweet Against Homosexuality; Police Commissioner Says She is Concerned About the Arrest

(Screenshot credit: Reclaim the Media/YouTube)
(Screenshot credit: Reclaim the Media/YouTube)

A video purportedly showing a U.K. Army veteran being arrested for “causing anxiety” by retweeting a controversial meme of a swastika made from images of gay pride flags is shocking people globally.

And the alleged incident is also drawing condemnation from Donna Jones, police and crime commissioner for Hampshire, U.K., who said in a statement to the Daily Mail the video left her “concerned.”

The incident in question surrounded Darren Brady, 51, an Army veteran who shared the meme on Twitter — an image reportedly originally posted by actor-turned-activist Laurence Fox.

Video of the incident shows an officer telling Brady outside his Aldershot, U.K., home he was being arrested for causing “anxiety” after a complaint was made to police.

Fox was reportedly on-site at the time of the arrest as well.

“Someone has been caused anxiety based on your social media post,” one cop purportedly told Brady. “That is why you have been arrested.”

The Hampshire Constabulary, the office from which officers were dispatched, released a statement about the incident explaining why cops chose to arrest Brady.

“When officers arrived, they were prevented from entering the address to discuss a potential resolution to the matter,” the statement read. “As a result, officers felt it was necessary to arrest a man at the scene so they could interview him in relation to the alleged offense.”

It seems this explanation won’t suffice, though, as Jones, who oversees policing in the area, said she was aware of the Twitter video of the arrest and another related detainment and is exploring the events to learn more and to prevent future occurrences.

“I have taken this issue up with the Constabulary today and have been advised officers made the arrests following a complaint from a member of the public of an alleged hate crime. It follows a post on social media of Progress Pride flags in the shape of a Swastika,” she said. “I am concerned about both the proportionality and necessity of the police’s response to this incident.”

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Source: CBN