Robin Schumacher on I Don’t Need a Friend as Much as I Do a Prophet

My daughter is currently going through the hurricane of building young adult friendships that include the painful process of finding those who can be included in, as the movie “Meet the Parents” calls it, “the circle of trust” and discovering the many that can’t. She hates to hear me say she’ll be lucky to have enough real friends in her adult life to fill up the finger count on one hand and, in all reality, it will likely be less.

That’s a hard truth to accept especially given the fact that we mirror the image of our trinitarian God whose very nature is relational. This means we’re built for real friendships and it’s sad to note that, as Tim Keller said in a message, the vast majority of people today only associate with someone because they believe that person can help them in some way.

Given this, it’s no surprise that churches work overtime in their “connection” ministry to bring members together and there are worlds of good that are achieved in that area of a church. But that idea and priority of friendship have filtered upward to the pastorship, and with that have come some negative consequences.

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Source: Christian Post