Here We Go — Woman 26 Years Old Who Underwent Double Mastectomy and Hormone Therapy to Try and Become a Male — After Just 2 Hours of Counseling Tells of Her Regret and Begins De-transitioning Back to Female With Her Breast Already Cut Off. Daniel Whyte III Tells Pastors in the Words of Leonard Ravenhill, ‘stop Playing, Stop Straying and Start Praying’ and Get Back to Obeying the Great Commission.

A woman who says she was allowed to transition to male after just two and a half hours of counselling is speaking out after she decided to ‘detransition’ to female.

Sam, 26, decided to pay for private therapy sessions when she began to question her gender identity when she was just 21, after she was told she would have to wait two and a half years for an NHS appointment.

She was initially thrilled when she was given a private appointment, and after self-diagnosing herself as a trans man after doing research online, was given the go ahead to begin hormone therapy and undergo a double mastectomy after just two hour-long appointments with a doctor.

Just two years after she began the hormone treatment and after a double mastectomy, she began suffering health complications, and realised she did not want to go ahead with full gender reassignment surgery.

By the time her initial NHS appointment came through, she began to realise she had made a mistake – and told doctors she was now seeking help transitioning back to a woman.

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Source: Daily Mail