Kentucky’s Governor Warns Residents to Prepare for More Rain and Flooding

As parts of Kentucky continue to assess the damage from the past week’s floods, Gov. Andy Beshear is warning residents of more rain and potential flooding to come through Monday morning.

“Next couple days are going to be hard,” Beshear said in a statement posted to YouTube. “We’ve got rain and maybe even a lot of rain that’s going to hit the same areas. Please pray for the people in these areas. And if you are in the areas that are going to get hit by rain, make sure you stay safe. Make sure you have a place that is higher ground. Go to a shelter. Just please, please be safe.”

At least 28 people have been killed as a result of the flooding, but that number is most certainly higher. Beshear noted that officials are aware of additional bodies being recovered, but until they can confirm those deaths they are not including them in the total number of casualties.

The areas of eastern Kentucky where a lot of flooding occurred are hilly and mountainous, making it more difficult and time-consuming for rescue crews to get to and look through the damage. Beshear said it could be several weeks before all the victims are found and the death toll is finalized.

The National Weather Service put out a flood watch for portions of east central Kentucky, north central Kentucky, northwest Kentucky and south central Kentucky on Sunday where showers and thunderstorms are expected.

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SOURCE: NPR, Wynne Davis