6 Wounded, Ceremonies to Honor Russia’s Navy Cancelled Because of Drone Explosion at Russia’s Black Sea Fleet Headquarters on the Crimean Peninsula

A woman looks at a civilian’s car shot at by Russian forces exhibited at Mykhailivs’ka Square along with damaged Russian military equipment as a symbol of Ukraine’s resistance against the invasion in Kyiv, Ukraine, Saturday, July 30, 2022. According to a plaque displayed by the National Museum of the Military History of Ukraine, the family was evacuating from Bucha when Russian troops opened fire on their convoy injuring two people. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

A small explosive device carried by a makeshift drone blew up Sunday at the headquarters of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet on the Crimean Peninsula, wounding six people and prompting the cancellation of ceremonies there honoring Russia’s navy, authorities said.


Meanwhile, one of Ukraine’s richest men, a grain merchant, was killed in what Ukrainian authorities said was a carefully targeted Russian missile strike on his home.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the drone explosion in a courtyard at the naval headquarters in the city of Sevastopol. But the seemingly improvised, small-scale nature of the attack raised the possibility that it was the work of Ukrainian insurgents trying to drive out Russian forces.

A Russian lawmaker from Crimea, Olga Kovitidi, told Russian state news agency RIA-Novosti that the drone was launched from Sevastopol itself. She said the incident was being treated as a terrorist act, the news agency said.