Monkeypox Cases in America Climb to Nearly 6000 Across the Country — Daniel Whyte III Says Due to Compromising Pastors Who Allowed Homosexuals and So-Called Homosexual ‘married’ Couples to Become Members of the Church Which They Tout as ‘Inclusion’ Which Brought About One of the Most Devastating Rebukes and Chastisements From the Lord upon the Church — the Coronavirus Plague — Since the Bubonic Plague, Has Now Brought the Very Serious Threat of Many People in the Church Getting Sick With a Male Homosexual Driven Monkeypox Strain That is Already Impacting the Church and Will Increase in the Church More and More to Women and Children Due to Down-Low Homosexual Pastors and Down-low Homosexual Males in the Church. [In Case You Don’t Know, a Down-low Man is One Who is a Secret Homosexual Who Has Sex With Women to Keep up a Phony ‘Real Man’ Masculine Image, and if They Are in a Position of Authority Such as a Pastor, They Will Even Marry a Woman to Keep up That ‘Real Man’ Image. Some Are so Devilish and Vindictive, They Will Get HIV/AIDS or Monkeypox and Intentionally Have Sex With Women and, Yes, Even With Women in the Church to Get Back at the Greater Society For Not Accepting Them and Their Abominations.]