Someone Asked the Question: “If Monkeypox spreads through sexual contact, is it an STD?” Daniel Whyte III Says, Yes, it is a Sexually Transmitted Disease Among Male HOMOSEXUALS, Not Among Heterosexuals; But it is More Than That, it is God’s Second Major Judgement and Punishment Upon the Abomination of Male Homosexuality — Male Homosexuals — Men Who Have Sex With Men — the First Being HIV/AIDS, Which is Still a Judgement and Punishment Among Male Homosexuals to This Day After 41 Years, and Thousands Still Die From it Each Year 

Indigenous Peoples of Canada Demand Pope Francis to Formally Rescind Papal Decrees Underpinning the so-called “Doctrine of Discovery” That Legitimized the Colonial-era Seizure of Native Lands and Resources — Daniel Whyte III President of Gospel Light Society International Says the Pope Did Real Good by Manning up and Apologizing to These People. Quite Frankly, we Have Some Protestant Popes in America and in the World Who Ought to Man-up and do the Same and Apologize to America and the World for Allowing Such Things as the Abomination of Homosexuality and So-called Homosexual Same-Sex Marriage, Along With Many Other Sins, Which Has Brought Upon all of us One of the Most Devastating Times of Painful Rebuke and Chastisement Upon the Church and Collateral Punishment Upon the World in its History