WATCH: Brooklyn Pastor Who Was Allegedly Robbed at Gunpoint While Giving Sermon Gets Into Yelling Match with Larry Reid and Pastor Geneses Warren After They Questioned Whether It Was Staged

Bishop Lamor Whitehead got into a heated exchange with media personality Larry Reid and Pastor Geneses Warren, claiming they were making light of him being robbed.

On Monday, Reid hopped on Instagram Live, joined by Warren to discuss the now viral robbery clip that has taken over the internet. Over the weekend, Whitehead was robbed during his live-streamed sermon at the Leaders of Tomorrow International Church in Brooklyn. Men stole at least $400K worth of jewelry from him, his wife, and other family members. Several people, including Reid and Warren, have raised questions about the incident, believing that the Bishop may have staged it.

Whitehead, who seemed visibly annoyed when he joined the IG Live session, slammed Reid and Warren for turning the potentially life-threatening moment into a “laughingstock.”

“I gave you nothing but respect and nothing but honor when I met you. I treated you with nothing but respect, nothing but with straight integrity,” Whitehead said to Reid.

When Warren tried to voice her opinion, Whitehead insisted that she not speak and maintained that she was trying to insert herself into the situation. 


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SOURCE: The Daily Voic, Nancy Coffee