Cincinnati Police Officer Caught on Bodycam Footage Saying ‘I F—ing Hate N—-rs’

A Cincinnati police officer, once featured on a reality show about women in law enforcement, was taken off the streets after she was recorded on her own body camera using a racist slur, officials said Monday.

Officer Rose Valentino, who regularly appeared in the 2011 TLC series “Police Women of Cincinnati,” was caught saying “F—ing [n-word], I f—ing hate them!” as she punched the steering wheel of her squad car on April 5, according to an internal affairs probe.

According to the internal affairs report, Valentino said she was agitated by a crowd of cars lining up to pick up students at Western Hills University High School, which didn’t move when she activated her lights and siren.

She was particularly angry when a Black “male student walked by and gave Officer Valentino the middle finger,” according to the report.

“This is a hard job and I was getting to a point where I was really being affected by it,” she told investigators, according to the report. “I have been on for fourteen years.”

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SOURCE: NBC News, David K. Li