Rapper Plies Positively Retweets Powerful Statement From Bishop T. D. Jakes’ Sermon: “We are raising women to be men.” Plies Says T. D. Jakes Can Sue Him if he Wants to, But he is Going to Put This in His Next Song

The hip-hop artist Plies positively retweets powerful statement from Bishop T.D. Jakes sermon “We are raising women to be men.”

On his Twitter account, the rapper reacted to a specific section of Jakes’s sermon where he stated, “We are raising up women to be men!”

The preacher goes on to say that women are “applauded in the contemporary society by how tough, rough, nasty, mean, aggressive, hateful, possessive you are and you’re climbing the corporate ladder, but we’re losing our families,” Sis2Sis reports.

Plies Says, “I Swea TD Jakes can sue me but I’m putting this on my next song!!!!! I can’t stop listening to it!!! I just think this message is so deep.”

Mia Davis Says, “The message is very deep, I listen 2 TD Jakes regularly so if u think this woke u up, Follow & listen 2 him speak on a regular it will change ur outlook on a lot of things, on what you do, how you approach\think about certain situations, the ppl u keep around & how you move on the song.”

Donnie Says, “A lot of these men are hollering they want this type of woman. Y’all need to get on the same page.”

Lila Garrick Says, “Women especially African-American women have had no choice but to step in the role of a man. There’s no woman who doesn’t want a provider/protector but when you’ve done it for so long it can be difficult to adjust to a man coming in to be a man.”

NaeNada Says, “It’s nothing deep about this. This isn’t the 1920’s – women can decide if they want to have a spouse or not. He should be addressing why men aren’t carrying themselves like men, being providers & protectingg women.”

Catriba Bates Says, “Amen, let the people iin the back hear this message here I.”

Source: Black Enterprise, Cedric Thornton