WATCH: Video Shows Tennessee Police Officers Brutally Beating Black Man After Alleged Traffic Violations

Brandon Calloway, 25, was severely beaten by Oakland, Tennessee, police officers on July 16 following a minor traffic violation. (FAMILY OF BRANDON CALLOWAY)

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has opened a probe into the brutal arrest of a Black man who was chased into a home, where a loved one recorded as he was beaten and shocked with a Taser after alleged traffic violations.

The video begins when officers follow a man into a home in the town of Oakland, Tennessee, about 40 miles east of Memphis. One Oakland Police Department officer is swinging a baton, while another has a gun drawn, the video shows.

A woman inside the home can be heard screaming: “Stop, stop, Brandon, Brandon, stop! Stop hitting him!”


The officers chase the man upstairs into a den and begin to shock him with a Taser.

“Why are you chasing and hitting him?” the woman asks. “He has no weapons.” A woman can also be heard saying: “I need to call my mom. I need to call his mom.”

After a third law enforcement officer arrives, all three try to detain the man in a room. When he exits the room, his face is bloodied.

Officers tried to pull over Brandon Calloway, 25, after he drove through a stop sign, according to a police affidavit.

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SOURCE: NBC News, Elisha Fieldstadt