Uh, Uh! Here we Go! The Greatest Out-and-Out Christian-owned Restaurant in the History of the World, Chick-fil-A, is Being Sued by a Man Masquerading as a Woman (a So-called Transgender Woman). It is our Humble Opinion That The Person Was Planted, and we Say That for Businesses in This Country, This On-going Demonic Foolishness of Homoxesuality and Transgenderism is Not Sustainable

When Erin Taylor, 29, began working at a Decatur, Ga., Chick-fil-A in August last year, she thought it would be a turning point: a chance to climb up “the corporate ladder” and, after nearly two pandemic years, a way to gain some financial stability, she said.

Instead, she was met with sexual harassment from co-workers on her very first day at work, Taylor alleges in a discrimination lawsuit filed last month. When she reported the abuse to the franchise restaurant’s owner, the complaint alleges, Taylor was not only outed to her harasser as transgender, but she also was told that, as a trans woman, “it should be an honor … that someone liked her enough to hit on her.”

The federal lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for Northern Georgia, accuses the Decatur fast-food restaurant of violating her civil rights by “subjecting [Taylor] to ongoing discrimination” on the basis of her gender identity, and for firing her after she raised the issue repeatedly with management. (The lawsuit refers to Taylor, who transitioned three years ago, by her pre-transition name because her legal name hasn’t been changed.)


Source: Washington Post, Anne Branigin

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