T. D. Jakes Says That There is a Divine Order of Creation and When Men Are Led by Women, it Breaks the Divine Order. Jakes Further Says, Society is Breaking Down Because we Are Raising up Women to be Men — Daniel Whyte III Says, Another Big Problem is Pastors, Churches, and Parents Supporting Boys Being Effeminate, Weak, Cross-dressing Homosexuals, Which is One of the Main Reasons Real Women Are Disgusted With and Turned off by the Idea of Following a Weak-ass Man Who Does Not Know How to Tame a Strong, Ferocious Woman, And, Yes, if the Woman is Not Raised by Her Parents to Respect, Honor, Submit to, and Obey Her Husband, if She Does Get Married Her Husband is Going to Have to Teach Her and Train Her to be That Kind of Wife Whether the Church and Society Like it or Not, or as T. D. Jakes Says, the Family Will Continue to be Destroyed

Megachurch Pastor T.D. Jakes suggested in a recent sermon that families are being lost in contemporary culture because “we are raising up women to be men” while subverting their femininity.

The comments made by the leader of the Dallas-based megachurch The Potter’s House came during a sobering Father’s Day message billed “Real Men Pour In.” The message currently has nearly 600,000 views on YouTube.

In his message, Jakes explained that there is a divine order of creation, and when men are led by women, it “breaks the divine order.”

“Real men pour in,” Jakes said. “If Adam had not allowed Eve to pour into him, sin would have never come into the world. Sin came into the world because Adam broke the order.”

“We were not designed to receive from women. Your self-esteem is compromised when you have to ask your wife for lunch money. … And Adam, all of a sudden, has allowed the curse to come because he stopped pouring,” Jakes explained.


Source: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair

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