National Education Association (NEA) President Becky Pringle Forcefully Says the National Public School System is Going to Stand for Homosexual Rights and Transgenderism Along With Abortion and Critical Race Theory, and She Also Says the NEA Wants to Change “Father” and “Mother” to “Birthing Parent” and “Non-Birthing Parent” — Daniel Whyte III Says all Christian Fathers and Mothers and all Non-Christian Fathers and Mothers Who Have Commonsense and Who Are of Goodwill Should Take Their Children out of the Public School Immediately. He Says Further That he Knows Many of You Love the Nine Months Vacation From Your Children, and he Knows That You Like the 8-9 Hours That Your Children are in School so That You Can Work and do Other Things, But if You Love and Respect God and if You Love and Respect Your Children, You Will Pull Them Out of This Non-Education Hell Hole. When You do, Demand for a Voucher to Put Your Children in a Christian School or to Homeschool Them.